Engage employees, discover impact data and share your story for less than you spend on business cards.

Fact: Staff who participate in corporate social initiatives have been found to be 32% less likely to quit than those who don't.
Fact: 60% of consumers will pay more for the same product or service from socially conscious companies
Fact: Sustainable purchasing is a growing trend that requires attention from companies in sales activities

Not Really a Fact, But a Legit Point: 
If not recognized by staff and customers, you will 
fail to receive the benefit of the good work you already do.

How We Impact Your Bottom Line


Build Your Brand 
Maximize your ROG (Return on Goodness) by sharing your impact with staff and customers. To begin, our content team will interview your team to tell your impact story in a shareable way to gain exposure. Then keep the momentum going by sharing your impact as it happens, building your brand and engaging your staff. Additionally, our director of content and community engagement is available year-round for consulting on social media and news sharing strategy.

Attract Customers & Staff
Log community contributions on your GozAround profile to quickly summarize how you and your staff give-back and why customers and candidates should choose you.  Demonstrate your contributions on a social network for social good.

Capture Impact Data
Measure and report on contributions as they happen to understand where your support is going, who is participating, what’s working and what isn’t.  Use this data in RFP responses, proposals, stakeholder reports and marketing campaigns.  Nothing adds credibility like specific and timely data!

Get Efficient & Effective About Giving Back
Implement and manage staff volunteer and giving programs, identify tailored impact opportunities, set budgets, generate reports, and even create a custom application form to formalize support requests.
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How It Works

A 3-step Process to Make a Dollar AND a Difference on GozAround 
What is a GozAround profile and why do I need one?
Your GozAround profile is like a Facebook Page for your community impact. It's a snapshot of what you support and why. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 - Tell Your Story
We interview your company as the latest GozAround for Business user and create a unqiue content piece on how you give back.  GozAround will share that as far and wide as we can to bring awareness to your business.
Step 2 - Get the Data Rolling

Your GozAround public profile page will be created to share your story and display on-going impact activities by your company and staff.  Think of this as your business Facebook Page for social good.

Step 3 - Engage Your Staff
Invite your staff to GozAround and start gathering community contributions, identifing impact opportunities, or even launch an employee impact program on our platform.






What sort of content will you write about our business?
Our content team will interview your staff to prepare a Q&A style article sharing your social impact story. If this uncovers additional great material, we may dig further to really inspire.
We don't do a lot in the community or are pretty small. Why do we need to be on GozAround?
You may do more than you think.  All those little fundraisers, community events, even your kid's sports team. They really add up and ought to be recognized. What's more, your customers and staff are comparing you to larger companies that have big "give-back" programs. Sharing your contributions helps level the playing field when you compete for staff and sales.
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