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After months of research, the philanthropy committee selected GozAround to better measure our volunteer initiatives, establish Avison Young as a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and contribute to our overall corporate metrics. This platform will increase employee engagement and provide an accurate measure of our philanthropic activities as is requested by our clients, partners and employees.

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"We have an image problem."

Community contribution counteracts negative perceptions. Social impact can lead to 10% higher customer satisfaction, greater brand value, and improved resiliency to an image crisis. GozAround helps access these benefits through improved management and communication of your contributions.

"We need to stand out in the market."

60% of consumers will pay more for identical products and services from socially responsible brands. B2B markets increasingly prioritize sustainable procurement. Through better execution and communication, GozAround allows you to differentiate in a crowded market.

"We need to keep our best people."

Whether you're recruiting the best or trying to keep them, social impact can help. 80% of Millennials prefer socially conscious employers and staff who participate in employer social impact programs are 32% less likely to quit. Leverage these trends through GozAround by highlighting your community contributions and engaging staff in those efforts.

"We give a ton to the community but no one knows about it."

Whether in an RFP response, marketing campaign, recruiting package or stakeholder report, detailed and timely impact data builds awareness and ROI on your contributions. GozAround makes gathering and communicating that information quicker and easier than ever before.

How GozAround Works

Many businesses like the idea of improving their social impact practices but struggle to prioritize that against more "urgent" issues. Well, you might be surprised where GozAround can add value.

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GozAround unlocks the business benefits of giving back through a suite of engagement, management and measurement tools.


Build a compelling message with instant reports on exactly where your support is going, who is contributing, and how much.

Gather Impact Data

Manage all your impact activities in one place including employee volunteering, grant & sponsorship applications with automated CRA/IRS data, service programs, matched giving and more.

Efficient Execution

Make it easy for employees, clients and stakeholders to learn about your programs, see all your company has accomplished and follow your good work.

Share Your Impact

Sounds great, but don't think you have the time or people to do this right?

We know many companies are caught in the middle. Big enough to give back, big enough to offer programs, but no dedicated social responsibility team to take it to the next level. Your HR and marketing people are busy, so let us help!

Our implementation team will help get you set-up, on-board your staff, provide regular impact reports and even generate shareable social media content. You pretty much just need to say "let's do it!"

Let's talk about how GozAround can help you grow by doing good.


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