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After months of research, the philanthropy committee selected GozAround to better measure our volunteer initiatives, establish Avison Young as a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and contribute to our overall corporate metrics. This platform will increase employee engagement and provide an accurate measure of our philanthropic activities as is requested by our clients, partners and employees.

Robert Gritten

Partner, Avison Young

GozAround + Social Impact = Exponential Growth

Maximize ROI by measuring and sharing your corporate social impact.

Enhance Your Value

60% of consumers will pay more for identical products and services from socially responsible brands.

Attract & Retain Staff 

80% of Millennials prefer socially conscious employers and staff who participate in employer social impact programs are 32% less likely to quit.

Build Your Brand

Social impact leads to 10% higher customer satisfaction, greater brand value and improved resiliency to an image crisis.

Authenticity & Transparency

Whether in an RFP response, marketing campaign or stakeholder report, specific, accurate and timely data adds credibility to your message.

How GozAround Works

GozAround's software platform helps businesses large and small maximize the branding and HR benefits from their community contributions.

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GozAround Fits Businesses of All Shapes & Sizes 

Regardless of whether you're a small local business or a growing enterprise, GozAround helps you compete by letting your staff and clients know how active you are in your community and why you are a supplier or employer of choice.

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