Use the GozAround platform to share your organization’s objectives, current needs, engage and recognize supporters, share key data, and more good.

How We Empower You to 
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Maximize Volunteer Value 
We know you have a base of volunteers. Some organizations have "all the volunteers they need".  But are they engaged? Are their contributions maximized? And will they be there when you need them? We help quickly connect both new and existing volunteers with needs based on geography, time commitment, type of task, skills gained and more. By intelligently connecting your existing base of support with your latest needs you get higher quantity and quality participation because “the ask” is just right.

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How It Works

A 3-step Process to put GozAround to Work for You 
What is a GozAround profile and why do I need one?
Your GozAround profile is like a Facebook Page for your community impact. It's a snapshot of what you support, why, and how people can get involved.. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 - Tell Your Story
Your GozAround public profile page will be created to share your story and display on-going impact opportunities with your organization.  Think of this as your business Facebook Page for social good. You may also have the chance to work with our content team to create custom content to profile your work.
Step 2 - Engage Your Supporters

Invite your existing volunteers and supporters to join and follow you on GozAround. They will be instantly and intelligently matched to your needs as they arise, and able to log hours and contributions as they occur.

Step 3 - Get the Goodness Going
Start building momentum by posting current needs, sharing programs your organization offers, logging hours and impact by your staff and let the magic happen!






What sort of content will you write about our organization?
Our content team keeps an eye out for every new non-profit members. We would love to profile all of them, but can only feature a select few. If selected we will interview your staff to prepare a Q&A style article sharing your social impact story. If this uncovers additional great material, we may dig further to really inspire.
We don't need more volunteers and are pretty well set-up. Why do we need GozAround?
We believe that even the most known, and professionally managed operated organizations can benefit from GozAround. First, by more intelligently engaging your base of supporters. Second, by helping you gather data quickly and accurately. Third, by connecting your operations to our network everything from recruiting support, recognition and reporting gets easier. And best of's free!

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Engage & Recognize

Organic Data

Tell Your 

Cut Software


Intelligent matching to maximize volunteer impact

Volunteer tracking keeps folks coming back

Stories and content show your impact

Data boosts success on funding applications

And the best part? It's free, because you rock!


Engage volunteers, gather impact data and share your stories with help from the experts on our team and our pretty awesome software!

Engage Volunteers through Meaningful Recognition
Proper recognition is key to a lasting relationship with volunteers. By quickly logging hours, skills and other impact measures volunteers quickly gain a picture of what they contributed and what has been achieved. People love to see the progress they’ve made and it motivates them to keep building
on what they’ve accomplished.

Inform Funding Applications & Operational Decisions with Better Data
We keep hearing about the value of "data"...but who has time to compile it? GozAround will organically generate credible and specific data on volunteer characteristics, contributions, collective impact and more. Use this data in grant applications and stakeholder reports to better demonstrate your impact or internally to make better decisions. We can help you see who those volunteers are, what they care about, what they are interested in working on, and if they are coming back.  
Tell Your Story
We live in an information overload age. It is your job to quickly convey what your organization is all about, why it deserves support, and why potential supporters should care. It's harsh, but it's also true. We can help you with this in two ways.  

First, our content and social media program is kind of a big deal. These days, content is primary way people connect to causes and decide if it’s something they want to personally support. The way they make that decision is based on how well you can demonstrate your impact and create an emotional connection between the reader and your organization.  We can help you with that.

Second, your GozAround profile will quickly become a snap shot of your organization, its mission, its supporters and how to get involved. Share your profile to get your message across in 10-seconds or less...because that is about how long you have these days!

Levergage the GozAround Network

The GozAround Network of volunteers and donors is growing every day because of organizations like you and your volunteers. As GozAround grows, everything above just gets better. More outreach, more awareness, and a larger pool of do-gooders to connect with.  Be a part of that mission!

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